Obscure Couriers

Obscure Couriers (don’t call it the OC) is a company with a mission to open up branches in areas neglected by prominent security companies like Lone Star. Here they serve a myriad of functions ranging from pawn brokering to private investigations. They provide for those not fortunate enough to live under the aegis of a megacorp, and provide a sense of security and community for those who have fallen thru the cracks.

That’s how the poster reads.

In it’s operations, Obscure Couriers is a business looking to make a buck off the barrens any way it can. It is true that they provide many services for the low income demographic not otherwise available; just as it is true that sectors with Obscure Couriers branches have reduced rates of violent crime. This senses of security comes from the company’s dedication to being better equipped than any local gangs, and making sure they know it. The sense of community, however, comes from sharing the burden of their fees. Couriers are more than happy to clear out a devil rat nest for a squatter community, but they are not always above shaking them down if they say they can’t come up with the payment.

But you can’t run a year-round business with this kind of overhead with just nuyen scraped together by bums or money from street merchants to protect them from gangs. So to fill the gaps in it’s fiscal quarters Obscure Couriers has utilized the barrens greatest resource: Shadowrunners. It’s operational teams are crewed entirely with former or current Runners, as well as a number of it’s mid and high level administrators. This provides them with a steady supply of willing and able applicants. (as intimidating as Couriers mortality rates may be the generous pay and legal protection more than make up for the risks) Also this recruitment strategy gives it a network of connections that is deep and broad. Guardian of the Barrens may be the public veneer of Obscure Couriers, but it’s Runner reputation is that of daredevil mercs willing and able to accomplish any run for the right price…or die trying.

No one is exactly sure where the money trail that funds Obscure Couriers comes from. Nor is anyone conclusively sure as to how they have managed to open branches in nearly every major city, and still stay off the radar of the Corporate Court. This is not, by any means, thru lack of trying, but another advantage of it’s hiring strategy gives Obscure Couriers its pick of elite deckers and runners to hire for it’s own security personnel. One might expect that staffing administrative positions with what are essentially mercenaries would compromise security, but the company seems to inspire a fervent loyalty in their dedicated staff, and it’s archives have, thus far, remained airtight.

Obscure Couriers

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