Pellam mac Tir


6 karma

A Skills 46/10
B Magic M4 2 R4 Magic skills, 7 spells
C Attributes 16
D Metatype Elf
E Resources 6000

Mentor Spirit (-5) Raven, 2 Con Tests, +2 Manipulation, must succeed composure test (3) avoid exploiting misfortune or pranking
Distinctive Style (
TT National Sin (5)
Bilingual (-5)
Sensitive Stystem (
Spirit Affinity (Man) (-7)

B3 A3 R3 S2 W4 I4 L3 C5 M4 edg3/3 Ess6

Physical 0/10 (-0) Stun 0/10 (-0)

Physical= 7+1D6
Astral= 8+2D6

mental 5=(logicx2 +int+wil)/3
physical 4=(strx2+bod+rea)/3
social 7=(chax2+wil+ess)/3


Conjuring 5
Binding 4
Sorcery Group 5
-spellcasting, counterspelling, ritual casting
Acting Group 3
-con, impersonation, performance
Influence Group 5
-ettiquette, leadership, negotiation
Arcana 4
Astral Combat 4
Assensing 4
Perception 3
Running 3
Gymnastics 3
automatics (smg) 3
stealth group 3
-disguise, palming, sneak
survival (urban) 2

knowledges: EnglishN, SperethielN
spirits (street) 4
astral threats (professional) 3
magic theory (professional) 2
beggar lingo 3
occult (interest) 2
ganger lingo 2

Levitation (manipulation)
Armor (manipulation)
Magic Fingers (manipulation)
Physical Mask (illusion)
Improved Invisibility (illusion)
Heal (health)
Stunbolt (combat)

street lifestyle

commlink: r3 Renraku Sensei, shopsoft (talismonger)
Actioneer Business Clothes Armor 8
HK-227 Acc 5(7) SA/BF/FA, rc 3(4), ammo 28/28, Gas vent R3
Capacity 6 goggles smartlink, vision enhance 2, thermo vision enhance

magic black feathers
casing from round that killed the dwarf

Street Prince Ja-deep ties in Seattle has access to homeless rumor network
C3 L2

Nearly Headless Nikki-the bumbling ghostess with the mostess who helps Glam’ terrify his marks
C4 L3

Ren Takop-Lone Star dispatcher and data specialist
C2 L1


Pellam mac Tir grew up on the streets of Casa Tir, the rough and tumble land of gangs and politics and wizards. Pel discovered his connection to the world unseen at 15. His magical talent and elvish racial heritage should have made him almost on par with the aristocracy of Tir Tairngire, but while he had no trouble charming his way in, he found that formal magical education had little interest for him and quickly left school. He preferred to get his magical instruction directly from the source and quickly improved his magical abilities by communing with spirits. In particular, the spirits of the dead held a particular fascination for Pellam. The traditional Elvish religion’s reverence for the ancestors mingled with the street shaman’s desire to learn from spirits until these two ideas were inseparable in Pel’s mind.

It was during this time that Pellam mac Tir began what would be his primary occupation for the next decade, that of a grifter. He would use astral projection, assensing, the aid of spirits and more conventional surveillance means to find a target who possessed no magical talent and who had in his opinion an excess of currency and a deficit of intelligence. Pellam would use magical means and the assistance of spirits to convince his victim that their residence was haunted. In particular, the spirit of an Elvish Noble who died in an improbable, helped him to spook the mundane. Then “coincidentally” the victim would happen to hear about Pellam’s services from an acquaintance or find his advertisement:

Glamocles the Magnificent! Master of the Elements, Speaker to Spirits, Medicine Man, Mage and Mystic, Keeper of Ju-Ju, Mojo, and Secrets

Astral Troubleshooting

Ghosts? Ancient curse? Hobgoblins? Possession? Bad Vibes?
Glamocles is a master of the arcane arts available to solve YOUR issues with the hazards and annoyances of the awakened world. Quick, thorough and above all affordable! Need your haunting ended yesterday? Call Glamocles today!

By mixing in enough real magical jobs with the scams, as well as occasionally providing the kind of astral troubleshooting required by the local gangs, Pellam was able to eke out enough of a living to continue his education each night in the cemeteries of Casa Tir. He began collecting trinkets from the dead, using these to strengthen his connection to hereafter and to bargain with the spirits of the dead. It was during one of these excursions that Pellam met a different kind of spirit. A carrion bird with an eye for curios, Ikol the Whisperer came to Pellam in the graveyard and began teaching him to better use his magical talents as well as his natural charms to better deceive the living. Pel knows that Ikol is manipulative, but he trusts the spirit implicitly as he feels he has come further during his time with the spirit than in all his previous years.

Eventually his grift caught up with him. Pellam attempted to scam a wealthy former minor aristocrat, who happened to have a magically awakened family member who saw through his ruse. Fearing for his life and livelihood, Pellam fled Tir Tairngire to the Redmond Barrens in the Seattle Metroplex, figuring the lawless slum would be a good place to lay low for awhile.

Glamocles prefers:
the poor to the rich
street people to corporate people
elves to other metahumans (though he reserves his hatred for rich or aristocratic elves)
the awakened to the mundane
spirits to corporeal beings
the dead to the living
criminals to chumps


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